QuackFuzed.com is the personal ColdFusion coding blog of Matt Quackenbush. It exists primarily as a place for the author to learn, and hopefully to assist others in learning and/or avoiding some of the same pitfalls and mistakes. (Quack certainly makes enough mistakes daily to make up for the entire ColdFusion community.)

Rant: Sometimes Third-Party Software Pisses Me Off

Posted on October 29, 2008 at 6:45 PM in Rants, Fusebox, ColdFusion

Third-party software can be a great addition to your toolbox. A few great examples of that would be ColdBox, Transfer, and ColdSpring. The aforementioned are my personal favorites, since I use them together to quickly build very rich applications that would take me an eternity to build without them.

It took me years to be willing to even use third-party software because I was not the one in control. (There's also the point of wanting to build things myself for the sake of learning, but that's an entirely different topic.) Over the course of the last two-ish years, I have actually enjoyed the benefits of someone else's labor, and I am most appreciative of those who have authored and/or contributed to great projects like ColdBox, Transfer, ColdSpring and others. However, this week I ran into a perfect example of why (on occasion) third-party software really pisses me off.

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Fusebox 5.5 Implicit Circuit Pathing

Posted on September 13, 2007 at 7:21 PM in Fusebox

The other day Sean released a FB5.5 update to the Cat Club demo application, so I downloaded it to play around a bit with the new toy. I am truly excited about the option to eliminate XML from one's Fusebox applications.

IMPORTANT: The XML is still perfectly valid, and the FB5.5 release will *not* break older apps. As a matter of fact, I have several 5.1 applications that are now running on the 5.5 core, without a single keystroke change to the code.

When I unzipped and ran the Cat Club demo from the webroot, it performed flawlessly. And fast? Yes! Very. "So far so good," I thought, and then I went to putting together my own little demo app, utilizing the implicit circuit feature (no XML). That's when I stubbed my toe, fell down, and skinned up my knees.

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Done Re-inventing the Wheel?

Posted on April 17, 2007 at 6:24 AM in Fusebox, ColdFusion

I'm a hands-on kinda guy. That applies to code as well. The more hands-on I am with it, the better I understand it. So, for years I've shied away from using other people's applications, because I wanted to *know* what was going on with my apps. Recently, however, I was put into a situation where I either had to get the project done in 10 days, or an enormous FREE advertising potential would be lost for a minimum of 8 months, and likely a year. That conundrum made me go "hmmmmmmmmmm", and I ended up using some applications that I knew absolutely nothing about. Interestingly enough, I managed to get the project done, and the free advertising brought thousands of visitors within hours, and they've continued to come.

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