Another Development House Goes Cold

Posted on June 10, 2008 at 5:20 PM in ColdBox, ColdFusion

Amcom Technology, a software development house based in the San Francisco Bay Area just announced their move to ColdBox. As an avid ColdBox supporter and user myself, I am happy to hear of more people coming on board.

In his announcement, Tariq Ahmed, Manager of Product Development, made the following statement:

From a business perspective, it was a no brainer. The level of documentation rivals professional technical publication teams. And the high degree of long term persistent development activity on the project provides security in the sense that these guys have an unlimited amount of passion to remain committed at that level for so long.

I could not have said it better myself. As noted in Amcom's announcement (be sure to check their case study), there are many factors involved in making a business decision, but in the end, it is (and should be) a business decision that is made.

I have worked for many years now as a fiber optic consultant/engineer/splicer, and I can tell you that in a technical environment, documentation is king. Stellar documentation is key to customer satisfaction and retention. And when it comes to ColdFusion frameworks, ColdBox is second to none in terms of documentation.

Welcome aboard, Amcom!

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