Dan Wilson Presents cfUniForm to Hartford, CT CFUG

Posted on September 15, 2008 at 10:41 PM in ColdFusion, Uni-Form Tag Library, jQuery

Do you want to make sexy, accessible, XHTML compliant forms without endless typing? Would you like to add widgets like masks, date pickers, time pickers to your applications with ease? Do you like accessible, feature-rich forms built with no muss, no fuss? Then be sure to block out your calendar on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 7:30PM (Eastern), and join the Hartford, CT CFUG as Dan Wilson presents the cfUniForm tag library and see awesome forms built in record time.

Dan Wilson is a principal partner of DataCurl, LLC and founder of TheHealthChallenge.com. A software technologist specializing in the Adobe Toolset, Dan has worked in a variety of verticals like Telecommunications, Health Care, e-Commerce, the Financial Sector and the Public Sector, Dan brings wide experience and deep problem solving skills to software projects. Dan is a community leader and a frequently requested conference speaker, lecturing and presenting to audiences on software topics. Find out more about Dan's thoughts on ColdFusion, Flex, AIR and other technology matters at http://www.nodans.com.

Once again, this event takes place Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 7:30PM (Eastern), and will be aired live via Adobe Acrobat Connect and will be open to the public.

If you're in/near Hartford, CT and want to attend live and in person, get all of the directions and info at the Hartford, CT CFUG website.

UPDATE (9/28/08): The recording of Dan's preso has now been put online. View the recording.

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On 9/18/08 at 11:43 PM, John Farrar said:

Hey... is the recording of the meeting going to be posted?

On 9/19/08 at 12:06 AM, Matt Quackenbush said:


To the best of my knowledge, yes. If I recall correctly, Jeff said that it would be posted at some point. As soon as I get word that it's available, I will be updating with a link to it. I'm sure that Dan will do the same on his blog.

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