cf.Objective() 2013 Call for Speakers

Posted on November 10, 2012 at 12:32 AM in General, ColdFusion

The cf.Objective() Content Advisory Board have just officially opened the Call for Speakers for the 2013 edition of The World's Only Enterprise ColdFusion Conference. Last year we had speakers from all around the world: USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Australia (and probably others that I'm not remembering) were all represented. This is the year for YOU to speak!

The CAB is looking for a wide range of topics, including:

  • Software Architecture & Design
  • Integration & Tools of the trade
  • Security
  • Mobile Development
  • Front End Development & Design
  • JavaScript aka js.Objective()

My personal favorites are Integration & Tools of the Trade and js.Objective().

The former includes all kinds of awesomeness that shows how incredibly simple it is to integrate CFML with other technologies, especially those that also run upon the JVM. Lots of folks are doing incredible things in blended environments. For example, CFML + Groovy. Or CFML + Clojure.

The latter, of course, is something that virtually every web developer on the planet must be at least somewhat familiar with. But in this day and age, quite frankly, a web developer truly needs to be very familiar with JavaScript to build a high-quality application. Forget Web 2.0. That was so 1999 (or so). How about Web 4.0? :-)

The point is, while cf.Objective() has traditionally been primarily CFML-focused, and is still completely CFML-themed, today's enterprise developer truly needs to be well-versed in much more than just one language. So don't be bashful about getting your JavaScript/HTML5, Groovy/CFML, Clojure/CFML, etc. presentations submitted! We want them for cf.Objective() 2013!

Propose your topics right here, right now!

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